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    There are two volunteer categories: Volunteers who work with the public or our residents and Volunteers who work behind-the-scenes. 

    An elderly person that is able to sit with an interested adult other than their doctor or social worker can make a world of difference in their desire to move forward and begin the healing process.

    Equally as significant is the assistance a volunteer gives with the day-to-day housekeeping and administrative tasks that keep our organization running smoothly.

    You will be given the opportunity to "find your niche". 

    We thank you in advance for the commitment of your valuable time and energy.




PERSONAL REFERENCES (3) (Personal references must be 21 years of age or above.)

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    Ethereal House welcomes volunteers, however, to ensure the safety of our residents and to be in compliance with the Department of Social Services, Community Care licensing, a few rules do apply.

    1. The licensee or a facility employee with a criminal record clearance or exemption directly supervises the volunteer.
    2. The volunteer is never left alone with clients.
    3. The volunteer does not provide any client assistance with dressing, grooming, bathing or personal hygiene.
    4. The volunteer is at the facility during normal waking hours.
    5. The volunteer spends no more than 16 hours per week at the facility.

  • Acceptance of Gifts, Tips, Gratuities

    A volunteer should never accept a gift or tip from a resident, family member or any individual or organization. If a resident wishes to show appreciation in the form of a gift (candy, flowers, etc.) the volunteer should show express appreciation for the gesture, but advise the resident that it is against Ethereal House policy and suggest the resident make a charitable contribution to her/his favorite charity in lieu of a personal gift.


Volunteer Terms of Agreement

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    Volunteer Consent
     I agree that, as a volunteer, I am not subject to the State Workmen's Compensation Laws and that my volunteer service may in no way be construed as employment by Ethereal House. I release Ethereal House from any liability under the Workmen's Compensation Laws of California or from the terms of the Federal Wage and Hour Act by the volunteer service being offered. 
    I recognize that I am subject to the personnel policies and procedures of Ethereal House related to the care and protection of the residents and staff. It is understood by all parties that the parties assigning this consent form may terminate this voluntary relationship at any time. I will consider as confidential all information that I hear, directly or indirectly, concerning patients or staff. I will endeavor to make my work professional in its quality. My services are donated to Ethereal House without contemplation of compensation or future employment, and given with humanitarian or charitable reasons. I will uphold the high standards of this facility and will interpret them to the community at large.
    Volunteer Signature: ___________________________________
    Date: __________________
    To be signed and dated  before first volunteer assignment
    Volunteer Authorization
    Our highest priority is the health, welfare, and safety of these precious elderly residents. Therefore we request your permission to obtain information (if required) with some Ethereal House volunteer assignments.
    I authorize Ethereal House to obtain information from schools, listed references, or other individuals and institutions it contacts regarding the information I have provided on this application. I understand that I will be subject to a criminal background check, TB Test, Drug/Alcohol screening & Motor Vehicle Records check (when applicable) as a condition of performing volunteer activities. 
    I understand that I am obligated to report any information that may be helpful in meeting the needs of the residents of the Ethereal House community in which I volunteer. I also understand that my volunteer orientation requirements differ depending upon my assignment by the activities & volunteer coordinator. I agree to follow the established guidelines outlined here and in the Volunteer Orientation Guide.
    Volunteer Signature: ___________________________________
    Date: __________________
    To be signed and dated before first volunteer assignment
    Confidentiality Policy and Pledge:
    A primary responsibility of every volunteer is confidentiality of information. This is defined as information, written or spoken, whose unauthorized or indiscreet disclosure could be harmful to the interests of a patient, an employee or the organization. Such information is strictly confidential. In all circumstances, information about the condition of a resident, staff or organizational business may not be shared with unauthorized persons. 
    Resident records, employee personnel records, or personal data such as addresses or phone numbers, and organization financial and operating data are examples of information of a private or sensitive nature considered to be confidential. Inquiries from relatives and friends regarding residents or staff should be directed to the administrator or staff in charge. Inquiries for information from the news media or other individuals should be referred to the Administrator. The only exception to this is in emergency situations.  Passing along accurate and complete medical information to the physician, emergency room, rescue squad, hospital staff and nurses, etc. in an emergency is a part of our responsibility and is not a breach of confidentiality.
    I understand and agree to the volunteer consent form. I understand and agree to the confidentiality policy and pledge, and am aware that any breach of confidentiality is grounds for immediate dismissal.
    Volunteer Signature___________________________________
    To be signed and dated before first volunteer assignment



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