Get Involved

There are many ways you can help;


Interested in becoming a volunteer? We are looking for loving and caring volunteers who would love to lend a helping hand to serve our community.

Volunteers gain from their experience in many ways, such as the following:

  • When you share your time and talents you strengthen communities.
  • You can express your values in activities that are significant.
  • You will increase your knowledge and learn new skills through networking with other knowledgeable peers.
  • You gain an insider’s knowledge of the organization to grow the value of your membership.
  • You enhance your career and gain prestige by building relationships with new contacts and old friends.


Why Donate?

Your generous donation allows us to continue the vital task of making sure the elderly person escaping physical or emotional abuse, financial mistreatment, homelessness or, self-neglect has a safe place to rest and revitalize.

In addition your donation will give us the opportunity to pursue our long-term goal; maintaining low-income 6-bed RCFE’s that will supply permanent housing when the only option is returning to an unhealthy environment.


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