Paperwork to Incorporate

Follow the link below. It outlines each states filing requirements to incorporate as a nonprofit. In addition to the paperwork needed to incorporate as a nonprofit, you will want to work on the items listed below.

Cut and paste your state’s filling requirements and add the items below to start a checklist.

  • Fictitious Business Name – Do this first. You want to be sure the name you choose for your organization is available.
  • Board of Directors – Check with your state for the minimum number of directors needed to start with. More can be added at a later date.
  • Website – You will need hosting and a domain name.
  • Logo – If you feel creative, there are websites to create a free logo. In addition, will create one for as little as $5.00 hence the name.
  • Nonprofit Bank Account – Shop around. Not all banks are equal.

Link to paperwork needed to incorporate

Working with your checklist

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